March 27, 2018

A Message from Our Chair

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Ambassador Frank WisnerInstitutions, no less than individuals, benefit from the opportunity anniversaries offer to reflect on progress made in pursuit of our goals: how far we’ve come, and how much farther we have to go.

As the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington prepares to celebrate the third anniversary of its debut, such reflection seems particularly appropriate. From my position as board chair, I have watched closely as AGSIW has developed its voice and expanded its reach, carving out a niche for itself in the very crowded confines of the Washington foreign-policy community.

It has done so by producing rigorous analysis of both key inflection points and longer-term trends in a critically important geostrategic region. It has opened its doors to a wide range of opinion and has made important strides toward achieving the objective for which it was established: to provide a forum for sustained examination of the Gulf Arab states in all their complexity, from internal reforms to external relations; from national security to civil society; from fiscal policy to gender politics; and from shifting social dynamics to culture, art, and entrepreneurship. Below you’ll find some representative examples of the work AGSIW has produced over the last three years.

AGSIW’s accomplishments are the result of hard work of a superb team assembled by its president, Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba. The track record compiled by these professionals stands as testimony to their intellectual rigor and personal integrity. Supporting them is a board of directors with whom I am proud to serve. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds but share a deep commitment to ensuring AGSIW’s relevance and independence, enabling its president and staff to carry out the institute’s mission with confidence and credibility. I also want to acknowledge the generosity of the donors and corporate sponsors who support the institute’s mission, and respect the independence of its scholarship and programs.

Looking ahead, we can be certain that the historic transformation the Middle East is experiencing will ensure it remains a region of intense interest for U.S policymakers, business leaders, journalists, and scholars. While these are AGSIW’s core constituencies, its work is meant to benefit all who believe that in turbulent times such as these, it is imperative that the United States develops a clear understanding of key strategic partners, and the influences shaping their respective societies, economies, and political systems. In this spirit, I invite each of you to become an active member of the AGSIW community and join us as we continue to build bridges of understanding between the United States and the Gulf Arab states.


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Ambassador Frank G. Wisner
Chair of the Board

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