November 17, 2017

AGSIW in the UAE

Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba, AGSIW president, and Senior Resident Scholar Hussein Ibish, spoke at the conference “State vs. Non-State: The New Polarity in the GCC” hosted by b’huth Dubai Policy Research Centre. Wahba presented on the panel “The State Vs. Non-State: Future Alignment” while Ibish participated in the panel “The Rise of the Non-State: Use of Non-State Actors as a Policy Option in the Middle East: From Mujahedeen to PMF.” Wahba and Ibish additionally led a roundtable discussion on “The US-UAE Strategic Partnership and the Evolving Security Landscape in the Gulf” at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy.

Wahba delivered the keynote address at Women in Energy Day at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference. Her remarks were cited by Khaleej Times and Al Bawaba: “When it comes to glass ceilings, I understand that there’s none tougher to crack than the one that women face in the oil and gas industry.” Wahba additionally spoke at the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce dinner at ADIPEC.