September 8, 2017

Seche on CGTN

AGSIW Executive Vice President Stephen A. Seche appeared on CGTN’s “The Heat” to discuss the ongoing Yemen crisis:

I’m afraid that [the Trump] administration is not in a position right now to take the leadership position, they are much more involved in supporting the Saudis and supporting issues which are very much aligned – that is to say pushing back against Iran, pushing back against Al Qaeda and terrorism. So I don’t believe that the Trump administration will take that role. The United Nations sadly has not been able to mobilize its own resources efficiently. But I do think that’s where the ability to do so is most likely concentrated. And I do think that it needs to be made very clear to the parties in the conflict right now that there is no end for them other than a deeply destabilized region, which is in no one’s interest, and certainly to the detriment of Saudi Arabia and Iran and all the other countries in the region in the long run, if Yemen cannot get back on its own feet and stabilized.