January 6, 2016

Hala Aldosari Joins AGSIW as a Visiting Scholar

WASHINGTON, January 6, 2016 – The Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington is pleased to announce that Hala Aldosari has joined the institute as a visiting scholar for a six-month period.

Before joining AGSIW, Aldosari was a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University, working on women’s health issues. Her research interests include violence against women in health care settings, civil society, and women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. Previously, she hosted and produced an online talk show, “Out of Coverage,” with Radio Netherlands, “Huna Sotak.” She writes and participates regularly in media discussions on current Saudi political and social affairs. Her writings have been featured in various Arabic and English publications, including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and Al Jazeera English. She maintains a blog promoting women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

“My time at AGSIW will provide me with a valuable opportunity to work with renowned scholars to foster collaboration and to inform policymaking on the development of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia,” said Aldosari.

“I’m delighted to welcome Hala to the institute,” said Ambassador Stephen A. Seche, AGSIW executive vice president. “Her time at AGSIW will enable the institute to achieve one of its principal goals: assuring that informed opinion from the Gulf Arab states makes its way into the discussion of key issues and trends shaping U.S. relations with the region.”

Aldosari’s research at AGSIW will focus on civil society, women’s empowerment, and the triggers for legal reforms of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.


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